The Aptient Difference

Aptient Consulting sets the industry's platinum standard for network aggregator and reseller consulting, with decades of experience in network design and management and 24/7/365 availability. Our friendly, professional staff will tailor our broad array of services to suit your precise preferences -- whether you need a minor fix or require on-site services from one of our experienced network engineers to build your infrastructure from the ground up. As a seasoned inception-to-implementation network specialist, Aptient is dedicated to helping network aggregators and resellers realize the efficient, redundant and future-proof network architecture that will take their businesses to the next level with confidence.

Featured Services

  • ARIN Consultation

    Take the guesswork out of ARIN applications. Our professionals can help you navigate the complexities of requesting IP or ASN resources. With a 99 percent application success rate and hundreds of completed applications, we are the industry leader.
  • Network Configuration

    Whether you need a branch office configured, or require a fully-meshed service-provider network, our years of experience separate Aptient from the pack. Aptient's engineering staff are fluent in JunOS, Cisco IOS, and most other major networking equipment vendors, giving you the assurance that your network will function reliably and effortlessly.

Telecom Management

Aptient's engineers will conduct a complimentary in-depth analysis of your existing telecom contracts, identifying any deficiencies or discrepancies and tailoring carrier services to suit your network's specific needs. Our professional staff have more than 70 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry. They'll manage your carrier relationships for optimal efficiency as well as negotiate with new carriers for new services as required. The end result is a stable, cost-effective network with the carriers that best suit your needs.

Network Management

Our network specialists will keep your operations running smooth, proactively monitoring your network for potential problems . Staff are on call for support and incident escalation when needed, 24/7/365. With more than 70 years experience and Cisco and Juniper certified engineers, Aptient ensures a highly secure and reliable network and while running at peak performance.

ARIN Consulting

At Aptient, we remove the guesswork and uncertainty from IP application processes.

Applying for ASN or IP allocations can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. Because of the complex technical nature of the process, navigating the application's intricacies may be difficult or simply too time-consuming. And an improperly completed application can delay acceptance for weeks, create extra work or possibly result in the outright denial of a request.

Our experience with the complexities of ARIN, RIPE and APNIC processes can help to mitigate the pitfalls and complications many applicants may encounter.

With a 99 percent acceptance rate of more than 200 applications, our application specialists will manage your application process from start to finish. We will submit your applications and handle all correspondence with the registrars, including answering any questions in regards to your application.

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Network Design

Beginning with a deep analysis of your infrastructure needs, our consultants will work with you to develop an efficient and reliable network. We'll assess your infrastructure needs, the capabilities of any existing network, and your projections for future growth. Then Aptient will design a scalable, future-proof network that will help keep you and your customers happy for years, and most importantly, help you sleep better at night.

Network Optimization

To keep your network running at peak performance, our engineers will identify possible equipment issues and capacity bottlenecks. Our staff have more than 70 years of experience crafting elegant infrastructures. By ensuring unrivaled network architecture, Aptient will improve reliability and prepare your network for future growth technologies.

Project Management

Whether you need additional short-term help for provisioning client circuits, or you need to move your network infrastructure to a different facility, we can manage all the details for you, including working with customers, carriers and facilities operators to ensure that the project is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. With decades of experience in the service provider industry, we have worked with all major carriers we know the subtle differences and limitations each of them posses, allowing Aptient to mitigate those limitations and remove the element of surprise. In addition, Aptient has intimate knowledge of all major US and Canadian carrier hotels.

Network Configuration

Whether you are adding BGP to your network, rolling out a new service, or would just like an audit of your current configuration, Aptient's engineers can help. With experience in all facets of service provider technologies, we quickly and efficiently configure and audit networks, giving you piece of mind and exceptional performance.

Compliance Conformity

Unsure whether your network conforms to compliance standards? Aptient can help to ensure full compliance with technical regulations, standards such as SSAE 16 and ISO 27001, and local, state and federal laws.

Peering Strategy

Settlement-free peering can dramatically reduce your bandwidth costs and improve network performance. With more than a decade of peering negotiation, including reaching peering agreements with some of the largest carriers in the world, Aptient can help connect your business with the most desirable peering partners, and position your network for the best possible peering negotiation outcome.

Network Productization

Are you leveraging your network to its full revenue potential? Aptient can help you identify products that your existing network could be offering to increase your revenue. Once products are identified, Aptient will assist you in defining, implementing and supporting those services.

Peering Negotiation

Good peering is built on good relationships. Build on Aptient's experience with hundreds of carriers worldwide to obtain settlement-free peering agreements that deliver the lowest latency and best performaing routes for your network. We'll use our acumen, creativity and connections to negotiate the peering you need with the providers that mean the most to your network performance.

Network Automation

Improve service availability by automating network management and processes. Aptient assists clients in automating the configuration and management of devices and processes, reducing human error and outages, and increasing the efficiency of your business. Whether you need to properly and more efficiently manage prefix lists generated from IRR data, or need help with automatically capturing network traffic data and automating your billing process, we are available to help you.

Network Future-Proofing

Ensuring your network is robust and scalable is vital to your business in today's marketplace. Change is inevitable, and Aptient has been future-proofing network architecture since 1995. With keen insight into the future of telecommunications, we equip clients' networks to handle future technologies while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Our engineers will analyze your infrastructure's flexibility and implement improvements to ensure your network is positioned to move forward right along with your business.

M&A Audit and Review

If your business is seeking to acquire a Telecommunications company, Aptient can help. Our consultants will perform an audit of the prospect's network infrastructure, to ensure that all network inventory items are accounted for, complete, and operating properly, as well as identifying opportunities for improvement. With the results of an audit and review, your business will be ready to go to the negotiating table fully informed.

Network Implementation

Aptient tailors your network architecture to your precise needs. Our engineers oversee the deployment process for networks of any complexity, leaving you free to conduct your day-to-day business. We review your current configuration, complete implementation, test the configuration's functionality and complete any necessary fine-tuning. We own the process from staging to validation. Our engineers are available for installations worldwide.

Employee Training

Aptient provides instruction to your staff so your network can be run more efficiently in-house. When your IT team members are familiar with your equipment and configurations, they can resolve many issues themselves, saving your business money in the long term.